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Honorary Life Members£0.00
Lifetime Membership£13,250.00
7 Day - No Entrance Fee£1,070.00
7 Day - Entrance Fee Paid£1,000.00
5 Day-Entrance( Now Closed )£830.00
Young Person 25£880.00
Young Person 24£800.00
Young Person 23£705.00
Young Person 22£610.00
Young Person 21£515.00
Young Person 20£465.00
Young Person 19£420.00
Young Person 18£365.00
Student/Full Time Education up to age 25£230.00
Junior 13-17£100.00
Junior 8-12£65.00
Junior Cadet ( under 8 at 01/05/18 )£10.00
Social- Single (20% VAT INC)£150.00
Social- Joint (20% VAT INC)£230.00
Social- Gold (20% VAT INC)£105.00
Social- Gold Joint (20% VAT INC)£145.00
Lockers ( Since 2014/15)£45.00
Trolley Hooks£40.00

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18.06.2019 08:08
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Course is open For the most up to date course information - please call 01255 421919 and listen to the course news. New rules of Golf in effect from 01/01/2019 Please do not take trolleys or buggies across white lines protecting the greens - please walk around as indicated - thank you.

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  • Carnival Party Night With' Pantasy' Steel Band
  • Neil Diamond Tribute Night Saturday 13th July
  • Amy Winehouse Tribute Night Sat 29th June