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No photo this week and no Competition either, what a grey wet day on Tuesday, it’s not an easy decision to cancel our Tuesday Competitions, which is why, after I had seen the forecast on Monday, I decided on 9 holes, however, it appeared to be getting worse overnight and into the morning, hence the last-minute cancellation. I realise some of you don’t open emails every day, but it is a good way of communicating information quickly. The only other option would be to have a ‘WhatsApp’ Golf Group, I’m happy to set this up on my phone, perhaps you could let me know if this would be a better way of letting you all know quicker? Well done to Ladies who ventured out for a few holes in the drizzle.
Thank you to those ladies who replied to my questionnaire with comments and ideas for the future, I welcome your replies.
Congratulations and best wishes to Barbara on her special birthday and engagement, we also send good wishes to Gilly who is also celebrating a special birthday this week. We are also thinking of Julia who will not be able to play golf for a while due to a foot injury and we wish Anita well for her knee operation next week.
Daily Mail Foursomes
Commiserations to Kath and Lorna, they had a very good close match against Play Golf, Colchester but unfortunately lost on the 19th hole. Thank you for representing the Clacton Ladies Section.
Forum Notes
Bert Foster announced the Club has had a major refund of VAT. Some of the refund will be used for the Club roof repairs and some would be put into a Reserve Fund, which members had mentioned at the last Forum. More information will be in the AGM packs, as will Directors Annual reports
Members Bar discount will be 25% for the current year.
Questions/Comments from the floor;
More communication required from the Board after a Forum about decisions made; Board minutes are on the website after they have been agreed at the next Board Meeting
Sale of land at the back of the 7th green; Board has decided not to pursue this.
Should members be consulted as to where the VAT refund should be spent?
Have Directors got a 3/5-year plan?
Moving of Clubhouse in the future to the Practise area; Board are constantly looking at ways of improving the Clubhouse
Etiquette on the course; have standards declined? Michael Goodwin said all new members get a Welcome Pack with information about the Club, Rules and Etiquette
14th Green & Temporary Greens; 14th Green is constantly under attack from birds Temporary Greens are placed as close as possible to the fringe of the green, they have not been able to cut them due to the wet weather, players reminded to replace divots.
Greenkeepers; Two greenkeepers attend College
Website Diary; Unable to sync with iPad now, Nichole will investigate this
Environmental issues; Looking at recycling of glass from the bar and plastics recycling from bottles.
Have a good weekend, it could be a little chilly next week, keep an eye out for emails on Monday??

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