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At last we had the chance to play 18 holes this week and although it was a murky, foggy start the day improved and stayed dry. The Daffodils looked lovely, thank you again to Denise for organising their planting 2-3 years ago. Sue C was out again last week in the rain with another bag of Snowdrops to brighten the course, they really do make a difference and cheer us up on our way round the course. Thank you.
It was not an easy Medal round for some of us, too much casual water to stop the ball from running on the fairway or into the hole. We also had a ‘Snake’ moment at the back for the 13th hole, it was only a Grass Snake enjoying a little warm up but quite big and we now know that Sonja can jump 6ft high when she wants to. Well done to the winners – results below
As this was our first Medal round of the year and, for some, the first 18 holes this year, it was always going to be tough and tiring to play 18 holes strokeplay, however, for everyone playing we must be reminded to keep up with the group in front and, if your group is particularly slow, let those behind you come through as soon as possible to keep the course moving. If you see a gap ahead, and you are close enough, suggest to the group in front that they let you through.
If you cannot play at any time, ring your playing partners plus Kath or Sue asap. If it is on the morning of the competition ring or text Kath, Sue or myself.
If anyone needs help with signing in on PSI or entering a score, please ask for help and remember to post your card in the office box after you have entered a copy of your signed score card for any Eclectic Competitions (the Eclectic cards go into the Competitions box in the locker room). There is so much to think about after playing, perhaps we should remind each other to double check you have done everything.
Essex County Girls & Girls Golf Rocks – Thursday
How good it is to see so many young girls interested in golf with interested parents and Grandparents to bring them along. 21 Handicap girls in the County match went off at 10am in what was not the best of Clacton weather with a very cold mist blowing through. Faye organised the beginners into groups with Sam for sessions on chipping, putting and driving, in the afternoon they had a 4-hole Texas Scramble to get the out on the course and they all had a great day.
Thank you to all my helpers who helped with registration, as starter and balls spotters and just being there to point the guests in the right direction it was much appreciated by the County organisers. I hope you have all warmed up by now.
Munro Foursomes – Monday 16th April
We wish Faye & Katy all the very best of luck as they play in the first round against Stockbrook Manor at Gosfield Lake. You will remember they won last year and the Munro Shield has pride of place in our locker room.
Spring Meeting – Tuesday, yes, Spring is officially here!
Looking forward to our first big day this year and hopefully we will see some sun and have some fun. There have been some changes to the start sheet, as per the notes above if you cannot play please ring Sue Gurry before the day or Kath and myself in the morning. Have a lovely day.
Friendly Matches – Sandy has put the lists up, please tick or sign up to play

Have a good weekend

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